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Nathan Dube


Greetings IMPACT fam!

A question for google analytics users using google analytics 4.

I just integrated GA 4 with our HubSpot website. And the image below pooped up.

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Do you recommend doing this?

Why or why not?

Is it necessary if we have a consent pop up set up on our website already?
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Connor DeLaney
Mary Brown   Franco Valentino   Melissa Smith Seth Sparks Fabrizio Colombi Any ideas here?

Nathan Dube I can't say I know, but hopefully, more of our web wizards do!
Fabrizio Colombi
Hey Nathan,

I would set this up to be mindful of a visitor's preference. According to Google: "Consent Mode enables you to optimize for business goals while respecting the privacy choices of visitors. When visitors deny consent, instead of storing cookies, tags send signals (or pings) to Google. If you are using Google Analytics 4, Google fills the data collection gaps with Conversion Models." Here is a link to additional content:

Let's see what others say here in the comments.
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Nathan Dube
Fabrizio Colombi
Sure, anytime!

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