Getting specific in your blog titles [Sharing a They Ask, You Answer win!]

Posted August 5, 2021 in
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Connor DeLaney

"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original."

When it comes to writing They Ask, You Answer content, I've always been told to make sure the titles (and the goal) of your article are really specific to the audience and what questions they are looking to have answered.

I began working on the article above with the title What are the benefits of IMPACT+ for small businesses, and as I was drafting it, Paul D. Grant and I realized that the purpose of this article was not how great IMPACT+ is for small businesses (but hey, isn't it 😉 ), it was about how the platform can help our audience implement They Ask, You Answer.

So, we shifted our title and our greater strategy for the piece to focus on what our audience was looking for: Support in implementing They Ask, You Answer. 

It was a subtle change, however, it emphasized two really important parts of creating great They Ask, You Answer content:
  1. The importance of focusing on the needs of the audience
  2. Being the guide in the conversation, not the hero
Will this blow away the SEO world with tons of hits? No, probably not. Will it be valuable to the people who need it? Yes, absolutely. 
What about you? Do you have any examples of content that you began writing then shifted to better support the needs of your audience? Would love to see some examples!!
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Connor DeLaney
Lex Russell   Katie Martens   Adam Stahl   Jack Nunziato   Bri Stauffer   Kate Vinnedge   John Becker Kimberly Marshall Can you think of any recent examples where this may have happened for you or someone you were helping edit for?

Who else should be a part of this convo that I haven't tagged yet?
John Becker
I love how you focus on the value this piece will bring to your audience. A good reminder of who our end-users are!
Connor DeLaney
Thanks so much,  John Becker ! That was the goal :) Glad it resonated!

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