Getting LinkedIn recommendations from more than 10 years ago

Hey there, I hope this is the right place to post this question.

I want to improve my LI profile because I want to position myself as a recruitment marketing/employer branding professional. 

My HR experience is over 10 years ago and someone had recommended I take it off of my LI profile because it makes me look old. 

My current work history is all centered on branding and content writing. 

I have good accomplishments in my branding experience but I think the fact that I have both HR AND branding/content is part of what makes me unique.

So I reached out to some past connections who know my HR background and are willing to leave recommendations for me but one of them (who's not very tech savvy) told me I needed to add that particular job where he knows me from in order for him to leave the recommendation. 

Does anyone know if that's actually true or is there a way around posting oldish work history? I was hoping the recommendation would do the job of making clear I have a deeper work history than what's showing.

Thanks for whatever you can share.
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Chris Marr
Hey  Winnie Anderson - I'm not sure exactly, but here's an example of a video I send to people when I'm asking them to leave a LinkedIn recommendation for me. 

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Winnie Anderson
Chris Marr  thanks very much! I did add my super old work history elements just to make it easy for folks since they're doing me a favor. 

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