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Posted December 2, 2022 in

My HEAD is running the show today. As a result, I have lived in "busy" instead of  "productive." Overwhelm and stress are knocking at the door and I'm giving them a "time-out" this weekend. After months of business books and frameworks and lesson plans and creative self needs resuscitating. 

I have creative home projects that have suddenly moved to the top of my to-do list simply because they are FUN. My Christmas tree needs decorating, there's baking to be done for neighbors' holiday gift bags and I've got a brand spanking new set of acrylic paints that I'm planning to take out for a spin. Perfection is not the goal with ANY of these. The creative experience is all I'm looking for.

Studies have shown that participating in forms of artistic endeavor (music, dance, painting, etc...) reduces cortisol (that big, nasty stress hormone) in the individual. Who doesn't want THAT?

Which is why, once I build the two boxes of bookshelves currently leaning against my office wall,  there will be a nature-themed coloring book and colored pencils at the ready for daily resets.

I've also got new silicone mini-bundt pans waiting for me (and my grandmother's apple cake recipe) in my kitchen. So, let the baking begin...

What can you do TODAY to inject a little more fun, a little more art appreciation into your world to reap the benefits of stress relief?

Until next time,

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