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I bet the word "free" just got your attention. As a customer, something about that small 4-letter word brings about the exciting feeling of a Christmas morning. However, as a business owner, it screams RED FLAG. 🚩 Isn’t that interesting? Now, when I speak of free I mean it costs nothing financially or information-wise. Yet, we want to hide content behind logins and gated content more often than not. What we often forget is the value that comes with free information. Your free content can be a premium - a freemium.

  1.  “Free” content can be an acquisition tool. It can cause excitement and makes people come back for more. Providing great email or blog content can increase credibility and a sense of trustworthiness for your company which can lead to subscriptions and/or loyal customers.
  2. Once users are engaged, there is an investment loop in the “free” content. This means that once a user engages with the website, email, etc., and subscribes then the perceived value is even higher. The anticipation of future content which will benefit them or speak to major pain points leads to invested users.
  3. Convert from freemium to premium. Now that users are engaged in your freemium content, you can give subtle reminders of the premium content that you have available. Find what motivates people to engage with free content and make sure your products/services match that motivation. This is where you would introduce a demo or direct users to a sales team or pricing page. This fear of missing out on additional value will lead to conversions.

Now, let me say that there is a time and place for everything. Some really valuable ebooks, webinars, or content can and should be gated. But, ask yourself, is the information you’re providing truly worth monetizing or gating? Because “free” can be just as valuable and rewarding too.

Please share any great piece of free content you provide or an idea that you are trying to roll out!

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