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Posted April 30, 2022 in
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Bob Coppedge

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We've got a team putting together what I (think) is great content for our organization, but I'd welcome some feedback? This is our first serious (we did some soft funny videos first) video we created. We've actually created a pretty full pipeline (I think there are 15-20 video projects underway), but I'd love some non-geek (we're in the IT services world) feedback if possible:

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Steve Hoffer
I agree with the others that you seemed very comfortable on-camera. Here are some thoughts:
  • While the audio quality was good, there was something about mic placement that didn't seem quite right. Maybe distance to the mic is too much? I was listening on headphones, and that sometimes makes a difference.
  • It might help to add some text on screen that tells us what an MSP is.
  • If you add text, keep building on that to make and reinforce your main points.
  • Others have mentioned it, but consider a teleprompter such as 
Bob Coppedge
Appreciate it, thanks!

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