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Posted April 30, 2022 in
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Bob Coppedge

Author, Speaker, CEO, Crotchety Old Geek

We've got a team putting together what I (think) is great content for our organization, but I'd welcome some feedback? This is our first serious (we did some soft funny videos first) video we created. We've actually created a pretty full pipeline (I think there are 15-20 video projects underway), but I'd love some non-geek (we're in the IT services world) feedback if possible:

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Connor DeLaney
Bob Coppedge WOW talk about personality and making this top entertaining! Love the approach you took. Some notes I took:

- LOVE LOVE LOVE the personality and how comfortable you seem on camera. You're energized, close to the camera, and using the space you have through gestures! (Have you been watching Zach Basner ?) 😉

- You ANSWERED THE QUESTION! This may sound silly, but you actually addressed what an MSP is, whereas some people beat around the bush with vague answers. 

- I'd love to have been introduced to who you are just a bit more. Something like a lower third that says "Bob Coppedge, CEO, Simplex- IT". That way you establish some expertise and people know they can trust you!

- It would have been great to know what you were going to cover in this video in the introduction. Something like "In this video, we're going to cover what an MSP is and help you understand if it's the right choice for you!"

-  Adding a next step for someone, either through a link that pops out (you can do this on YouTube using pinned resources or something like that...  Alex Winter or  Devon McCarty , what are these called again, with the icon in the top right?)

How about you  Rolando Vega   Chris Wager   Gordon B. Coyle   Tom Fruehsamer ? Whatcha think??
Bob Coppedge
Good feedback, appreciate the suggestions!
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Gordon B. Coyle
Love it.  Great mix of information, personality and a little humor.  My only suggestion is to move your teleprompter or scripting higher towards the camera (if you're using them) so that you're looking more into the camera.  But, great job!
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Matt Robinson
wonderful camera presence, well presented. 
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Bob Coppedge
awww, geepers, thanks<g>!
Steve Hoffer
I agree with the others that you seemed very comfortable on-camera. Here are some thoughts:
  • While the audio quality was good, there was something about mic placement that didn't seem quite right. Maybe distance to the mic is too much? I was listening on headphones, and that sometimes makes a difference.
  • It might help to add some text on screen that tells us what an MSP is.
  • If you add text, keep building on that to make and reinforce your main points.
  • Others have mentioned it, but consider a teleprompter such as 
Bob Coppedge
Appreciate it, thanks!
Nick Bennett
Bob Coppedge i really enjoyed this video!! it was fast-paced, easy to follow, and answered the question. some videos like this will just DRAGGGGG on. well done.

You also have one heck of an on-camera personality! Really enjoyed it.

Some feedback:
1. add chapters/segments to break up the video and better optimize it for youtube search. 
2. the background feels ... off.. you're so upbeat and personable... to me, it just doesn't match the vibe of your videos.
3. if you can, add a few animations/graphics/popups. it'll mark key points for viewers and add a little polish. 

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