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Hey All - new member to the community! Starting our journey with the TAYA team and philosophy. Held our kick-off meeting last week. Scorecard completed - we're off to a good start with work to do. One of my assignments was to identify and share two tasks we are going to tackle immediately.  Task one - Start Training up the Content Manager and the Videographer on staff. Task two - Attack the low hanging fruit (after the web throwdown today) with the Website UX. Excited to get moving!
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Chris Duprey
Looking forward to that session today!
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Connor DeLaney
Awesome stuff  Jeffrey Roth

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Hannah Woods
Welcome Jeffrey Roth !! 
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Steve Smith
Hey Jeffery I would be interested in your journey and how you selected Impact to work with if your willing to share? Perhaps a brief chat offline? 
my email -

Jeffrey Roth
Absolutely - have a pretty rough day today, but maybe we could touch base next week? I can also throw a lot of stuff into an email if you'd prefer!
Steve Smith
Sure Jeffrey, whatever is easiest for you. Email or chat. Enjoy your weekend!
Myriah Anderson
Welcome Jeffrey!
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