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Hey, I'm a marketing manager about to embark on a more senior post (head of marketing) at an ecommerce agency. I would love to hear from seasoned agency leaders/marketers what you advise should be the key priorities/achievements in my first 100 days?

Thanks in advance!
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Ruben Aguirre
Tom shared some amazing feedback. Not a lot that I would add to the list:

1. Once you've ID'd the top 3-5 metrics, refine that further and zero in on the single most important one of those in terms of energy/tracking/projects. Which of the 3-5 is your lead domino, focus on that one a lot.   

2. Focus focus focus your time and efforts on the things that'll move the needle, and remind the higher ups during your 1-1s that you're focusing on the few critical things. The more visionary the leadership, the more they need their team to remind them how what you are working on during the day to day is focused on the big picture they set. Otherwise, you'll constantly be starting over on a million things. The crazy leaders will blame you and churn you, the smart ones will at least admit to themselves that you're correct and tend to leave you alone so you can do your job. 
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Annee Sian
Such sage advice there too Ruben, thank you. Particularly identifying that domino KPI. If you or anyone else has any insight into what that killer KPI could be - particularly in the demand gen sphere - I'm all ears. 
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