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Posted October 6, 2020 in
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Connor DeLaney

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I am was working on putting together captions for a couple videos and realized this might be a good question for this community: What are your favorite video captioning tools? 

To give some context, I'm putting together videos and want to make them more accessible and am looking for what all of you prefer to use to quickly turn around captions. The platform I'm using recommends iFrame if that helps at all as well (tbh not too savvy with this stuff). Thanks!  
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Steve Hoffer
Two things happen when captioning... 
  1. First, you're (obviously) turning audio content into text content. This is important, because search engines 'speak' in the language of text, not audio. Once the content is text, it's now searchable, just like a document.
  2. Second, a time-stamp is being added, so that you have a reference or timecode within the video for when that text was being spoken. This is how closed-captioning works--the text is displayed at a time that 'synchs' with when that text is being spoken.
  3. The typical file format output is a .SRT file, which contains both the text, and the 'timestamps' for when the text should be displayed (which is then used for sub-titles). 

I like Trint.com; it's an AI-powered system that automatically translates audio into text, but then allows you to 'tweak' the text to improve it even further using a simple interface that highlights the text as the audio plays. They used to have a plan for 'blocks of time'. Now it starts at $48/Month. The output is an SRT file

It looks like https://sonix.ai/pricing would be a good alternative. https://zubtitle.com/ offers to transcribe one video for free.
Connor DeLaney
Steve Hoffer  This is amazing! Your first point makes so much sense as well. From a search perspective, having text connected to the video can make a huge difference. I'm going to look into all of these options and see what makes the most sense for us. Thank you!