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Connor DeLaney

"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original."

I'm working on the first article in a series for IMPACT and I was curious about the best way to position the articles to be recognizable as a series and still SEO friendly + valuable for someone who hadn't read any previous articles in the series. 

If you have any examples of article series you publish each month, that'd be amazing for inspiration as well. Thanks!
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Mark Baratto
I'm always a big fan of writing articles that keep the reader wanting more! Think of the sequence to be like:

1.  Some of you may have a problem like this....
2.  Now that we have gone over the problem, here are some action items to take...
3.  Once you solve that problem, another one may come up which is....
4.  Stay tuned for our next article where we go over some more action items to solve that problem.

Has anyone else used this type of sequence while inserting all of the lessons from, "They Ask, You Answer?"
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