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Mandy York

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We've all been there- you've got a great talking head shot, but you've got to cut a portion out for whatever reason. Maybe they stumbled on a word, or they sneezed mid-sentence, maybe they were just talking for too long and you had to make a decision on what was important to include. Regardless of your reasoning, you now have a weird jump cut that you need to hide with footage of something else- so what do you do?

Enter your backlog of b-roll footage to the rescue! 

One of the simplest and most effective things you can do to make your life easier and expedite your post-production process is to have ready-to-go, drag-and-drop clips to use in instances like this. 

The first thing I want you to do is to go into whatever file structure you're using and create a folder called "Evergreen B-roll". Then inside that folder, make others, we're crafting a decent file structure here ok? So your subfolders could be "In office", "In the field", "Drone"... just whatever makes sense for you and your business. 

Next, take footage you already have and decide what would work for multiple videos. Maybe you've got a great shot of your boss running a meeting, or a plain jane shot of your company store front- stick those where they belong. 

After that, organize a Ninja-Day. This is where you are going to take an entire day and just walk around grabbing b-roll. Film people typing. Film people walking in and out the front door. Grab some shots of coworkers laughing by the water cooler. Shadow the sales team on an in-person client conference. Whatever it is, get 10-15 second shots of everything you could possibly use. These don't have to be fancy- and whoever is on screen doesn't have to do anything special- you won't be using the audio anyway so all you have to worry about is lighting and composition. 

Finally, grab a one month trial of a stock footage site like envato or storyblocks and go through and snag everything that makes sense for your business. You do printers? Get some cool footage of the printers you sell. You have a tech company? Great time to get some CGI footage of 'cyberspace' looking things. 

Keep that file structure squeeky clean and you should be good to go! Get creative!
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