EP2. Communication Techniques to Keep Your Client On Track

Posted March 23, 2023 in

Chris Marr

Global Coaching Perfomance Director

Hey y'all,

In this episode of The Authoritative Coach, Chris shares a set of questions and scenarios to help you delegate accountability back to your client so they own their work and take responsibility for it. 

No more running around chasing people down for work.

Check it out: 

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Winnie Anderson
These are such great tips and things to remember. 

The biggest aha for me out of this is to make clear our roles and what accountability means. So many coaches and clients think it means the coach/client services rep/account exec is going to hold the client accountable by hounding the client for work. 

That's not the case at all. 

The client is a grownup. 

These are things to be sure to add to my vanguards.
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