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Posted October 27, 2020 in
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Stephanie Baiocchi   - Your email marketing course during HubSpot Training Day was great. I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you can help me with.

We send HubSpot marketing emails to enterprise, B2B customers. We see a multiple open tags to multiple recipients at the same domain at the same time, leading us to suspect this is a corporate spam/security screen thing going on. How do we know when and if a human is actually opening and consuming the email?

Also, how do you know that someone's email got stuck in spam? Is it shown in the performance tab? I can see if they mark the email as spam, but I'm referring to the email being stuck in their junk filter or spam quarantine.
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Stephanie Baiocchi
Jill Lahman thank you!

Your question about seeing a lot of opens at one domain at the same time is a great one. If multiple recipients from one company all appear to be opening it at the same time it is likely just what you said - a security filter. There are some tools out there to help with this but in HubSpot I would say first, exclude that domain from your reporting on your email performance. Second, if it's consistently the same domain or set of domains you may want to send a copy of the email to them separately so you can still get an accurate measure of your open rate on your original email. When the bots are clicking links to test too, this becomes more complex but if they're just opening it then you can judge by clicks for true performance of the email. While open rates do matter - deliverability and engagement are also important so look at all 3 with and without those domains included.

As for your second question, there's no way to see this in HubSpot because the email is still considered "delivered" as it did land somewhere in the inbox. My best advice is to focus on achieving high engagement with your emails and if people are consistently not opening your emails, exclude them and bring them into a re-engagement campaign. If that doesn't work you probably are ending up in spam (or the recipient just isn't using that inbox anymore). If that's the case, it's probably best to opt the contact out or remove them completely. They can always resubscribe themselves and this may actually get your emails back into their inbox! 

Our friends at Seventh Sense can help with this! I use their engagement lists to help with this in my email.

I hope that helps! These are definitely two things that do not have simple solutions but are important to pay attention to!
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