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Pamela Pierce

Founder of Home Worry Free LLC

I was listening to an Impact Plus group and found one new resource, and thought I'd ask for more here.

I'm interested in
video creation and editing using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects

social media for YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest - especially changes and improving what I do

anything to improve my course, community, or coaching

To make this beneficial to more people, perhaps you want to use a standard format so it is easily searchable:
topic / URL / any comments  

I'll start it off by posting the resource I found in the ImpactPlus group:

After Effects/Premiere   lots of resources, some free

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Sami Ahmad
Thanks for the tag Connor DeLaney . Hey @ Pamela Pierce ,

Happy to hear you’re interested in learning more about video content & social media for business growth.

Here’s a few resources you can dive into: - this channel is something I always refer to for learning a specific effect, however his bread and butter is learning the basics of Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and After Effects. This book is more of a philosophical take on video editing. If you’re REALLY interested in it, then I would recommend.

The HubSpot channel: - This dives into general business practice, social media, but each video they make is helpful.

The YouTube creators channel: A good resource right from YouTube about how to grow your channel.

And of course, the tutorials on Impact will help you create value heavy videos and change your thinking on how to use social media to grow your business.

Hope this is helpful!

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