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I have a 5,000 plus word blog post called The VA Home Loan Ultimate Guide.

I'd like to create more ultimate guides with the other types of mortgages (FHA, USDA, conventional).

The problem is only the middle part of the blog where I talk about the credit score, debt, income, property condition is different based on the mortgage.

The beginning and end of the buying process doesn't change because of the mortgage.

Would I be okay do ultimate guides on each mortgage type and keep the beginning and end, but only change the middle section? Basically duplicating the a portion of the blog.

If not, what be the best approach to doing ultimate guides for each mortgage? Should I have separate sections for each type of mortgage? Or should I just stick to only one since veterans are my niche?

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John Becker
Shanequa Jones  About how much of each blog would be duplicate? If I assume that they would each be about 5,000 words, are we talking 500 words of duplicate content? 2,000? 150? 
Kimberly Marshall
Hi, Shanequa. I write content here at IMPACT. When we write about the same things (which we do often!) we try to include the same information but worded in a different way, not straight copy and pasted. For example, if I write in one piece that "Inbound marketing is a digital marketing strategy in which a business organically earns the attention of its ideal buyers at different stages of their purchasing journey," I might next time write "Inbound marketing is a digital marketing strategy where businesses get the attention of ideal buyers organically across the span of their buyer's journey"...or something similar. As you can see, it's the same information presented differently. I'm interested to see what my colleagues have to say here, as I think this can affect search results (too much duplicate content might get flagged) — but to me, it's always a good practice to reword your information. Also, if they are different mortgages (different topics), I would approach it as a fresh piece of copy, anyway, and stick to the specific topic as best you can. Hope this is helpful!
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Allison Riggs
Shanequa Jones - agreed with Kimberly on always freshening up your content if they are different pieces. Also, you will have different pain points and potential audiences for each of these loans. How can you leverage those different audiences to create tailored and specific content around each loan? What are the pain points for this type of loan, and who is the typical best fit for this type of loan? 
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Kevin Church
Hi, Shanequa Jones ! You're definitely going to want to rewrite those sections to be more original in order to help those pages rank in organic search. They consider duplicate content to be a poor user experience. Google also has very specific recommendations around when duplicate content is and isn't okay (very similar product pages, etc) and how to help them understand what is the canonical version of a page.  Here's their writeup on the topic: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/advanced/guidelines/duplicate-content
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