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Imagine you’re a salesperson who is just about to finish your Discovery/Sales call with a client.

You’ve gone on this fantastic monologue about the benefits of your services, hit all the points, vanguarded, worked through all the most common roadblocks a buyer might have, and nailed this discussion.

You are wrapping up your final thoughts, getting them to the next steps, and you hit them with...

“Does that make sense? Any questions?”

Silence ensues...and you’re met with a screen of polite headshakes and smiles. 

This feels like great news. You’re such a thorough salesperson that you answered every possible question so they didn’t have to ask them at the end! Great!

Now ask yourself this - is that really what happened? When you’ve sat in the buyers shoes and someone has asked you something like that - did you fire back a question? Or were you so bored by everything they’d said thus far that you were just ready to get out of there? 

Did you ACTUALLY move a discussion forward by asking "does that make sense?"

We think saying things like this creates space in the conversation, but it really just frustrates the buyer, because they know you’re using this as filler.

Here’s what you can do to get that moment you need AND move the conversation forward.

Replace “If that makes sense” or "questions" with:

  • Based on what we just discussed, how do you see yourself or your team leveraging this function/tool/service?
  • How could you see yourself using this?

As salespeople, it’s our job to make the buyer think. And, no matter what they say - we have very intentional follow-up questions ready to dig deeper (Law of 3) and move forward (Yes...and): 

  • What specifically do you think would be most used?
  • What could get in the way of adoption?
  • Can you tell me more about that?

The key is getting folks thinking and talking with you - not just you talking AT THEM.

When we bring people into the sales conversation, we all win.

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Nick Burrage
YES ! If someone asks me 'Does that make sense?' I KNOW that they really truly don't care and are using it to bulldoze me onto the next thing. Nobody dare say 'no'! 
Love  •  
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