Do we really need to use 1:1 personalized sales videos?

Posted November 4, 2022 in
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I’m going to keep this answer short and sweet.

No, you do not.

There, I said it. And if you’re reading this, you have probably asked yourself the same question at some point. 

Many people would argue that it is much easier to send a text, Slack or email message without video. So, let me try and build an argument against 1:1 personalized sales videos. Let me know how I did in the comments.

Nobody else is doing it
“It’s just not the done thing in my industry,” I heard somebody say the other day.  How many of your competitors are using 1:1 sales videos? 

If we do what everybody else is doing, we will be on par with industry standards.  Most people are satisfied with being on par with everyone else. 

It requires more effort
When you’re a busy salesperson, time is money. Every minute saved is a dime earned, and those dimes add up. A decent 1:1 video demands a decent background and some attention to lighting. Furthermore, it is challenging to record a video in a noisy environment. Who has time and energy to waste on communication? 

There’s a learning curve
Some people feel awkward at first when they record themselves. They make mistakes and have to do a few re-takes. It takes practice to produce fluent 1:1 sales videos. If you don’t have the time to hone a new sales skill, then a 1:1 video is just not for you. If you’ve done well so far, why should you really learn anything new?

Two minutes later
You probably can’t see this, but I just disappeared for two minutes. I stopped writing this post and opened an email. It was from a colleague of mine who is totally bought into communicating via 1:1 videos. Bless her heart.

She sent it using Vidyard, and the video had an animated thumbnail/poster image. I could see her waving “Hi”  and I could see she was enthusiastic about what she was saying, but I couldn’t hear it. I admit I was curious, so, I clicked play. I listened to the whole message. I will confess if it wasn’t for the animated thumbnail I probably would have sped through the first few lines of the email and then carried on writing this post. 

Distractions aside, back to my main point: I might be able to see why some people WANT to send personalised 1:1 sales videos. I cannot deny that some people might LIKE sending and receiving them. Still; I stand by my original argument - nobody NEEDS to do it. How did I do?

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Stefan Christensen
So True! No you don't need to, but wow it makes an impact when done! 

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