Deal and Ticket Pipeline Logic

Posted December 15, 2022 in
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The deal and ticket creation "form" within HubSpot has been getting a lot of helpful TLC lately. 

When creating a deal or a ticket, the latest HubSpot product updates now give you the power to:
  • Change the required properties based on deal stage. 
  • Require contact or company associations. 
  • Add pipeline logic. 

By adding pipeline logic, HubSpot will adapt your deal or ticket creation form to show (and require, if you choose) specific properties based on the pipeline the deal or ticket is being created in.

Of course, you'll need to opt into the beta and set up how you want this to work for each pipeline, so here's a video on how to do this from Kyle Jepson. 
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Jessica Palmeri
It's like the HubSpot Developers knew that "Require contact or company associations at deal creation" was on my Christmas wish list this year! 

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Will Smith
Jessica Palmeri  - yes, Christmas is a magical time of year. I like to think it was our IMPACT-HubSpot Product meeting that helped move this one along! 😉

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