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Hello! I'm starting to get more opportunities to visit our customer sites, which has been great to better understand our customers and the industries we serve (I'm new to industrial marketing and having to wear steel toe boots :) ). 

As marketers, what kinds of questions do you ask when you interact with your customers?
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Connor DeLaney
My first question to you,  Rachel Anderko , would be, what do you want to learn about them and how do you want to turn that into potential content for your company? That may seem like a pretty "Well duh, Connor" question, however, sometimes writing out the goals of those convos will help guide where they actually go! 

Also,  Nathan Dube Adam Stahl Chazz Hirschfeld Brandi Manuel Bri Carlisle   Bri Stauffer  what recommendations would you have for Rachel?
Bri Stauffer
The first thing that came to mind... I try to think about what a prospect might ask a current customer of ours, and then word questions in that way. "If another ___ asked you about xyz, what would you tell them?"

A specific example I used recently in a conversation with one of our customers who uses our product in conjunction with another company's resources: "If another health science instructor asked you about the differences between [competitor] and AES, what would you tell them? How could you help that teacher understand which one would be best for their needs?"

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Brandi Manuel
My first priority is to figure out what our client's needs are. What will make them successful? Then I delineate our role in helping them to achieve their goals. How can we help them succeed? Next, I produce a tangible plan with stats, "mid-way" goals, and plausible outcomes/scenarios. 
Brandi Manuel
I ask questions that will allow me to learn more about their pain points & how we can help alleviate the pain points. Then I ask myself, how can I help them while making them the superhero of their own story?

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