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Posted September 14, 2022 in
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Hi - I'm wondering if anyone has an answer for creating a customer portal in HubSpot. I understand it would be a custom build but is the functionality even available in HubSpot. They would need to be able to create a login, have an account overview page, and a dashboard type page. 
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Tom DiScipio
Hey Marcia Degnan .

I've got a few resources for ya!

  1. "Is the functionality even available in HubSpot?" - Yes it is. Check it out here.
  2. Check out HubSpot's Marketplace (they call it Ecosystem). I did a search for "Customer Portal" and it displayed a few results of pre-built tools that might get you what you're looking for.
  3.  Here's an external tool called Stacker that looks to allow you to build a customer portal within HubSpot
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Marcia Degnan
Thank you! Very helpful. Stacker looks closer to what I need to do. The current customer portal is strictly for knowledge base and tickets. I need to create a portal that they can access information and documents. I'll check into Stacker! 
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Adam Stahl
Apologies as I'm late to the party here but depending on what you need customers to have access to, you can have login/customer-only areas built in HubSpot. I've seen some companies use it for customer-privileged content viewing (such as customer-only resources) and learning centers/support.

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