Critical WordPress Plug-In Fancy Product Designer Being Exploited in Zero-Day Attack

Adam Stahl

"The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." —Confucius.

Good day all,

This was brought to my attention and I'm betting some folks in the community are using WordPress so this plugin  may be in use.

The "Fancy Product Designer" plugin for WordPress is currently being exploited via a critical zero-day flaw to cause all sorts of havoc including uploading malicious files to WordPress instances as well as full site takeover. The attack bypasses WordPress's built-in firewall feature.

The recommended action in the article below is to uninstall the plugin until a patched version is available.

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Connor DeLaney
Franco Valentino you tend to have an ear to the ground about this, what have you heard about this plugin? 

Adam Stahl really appreciate the share, we may want to repost this in the full community (IMPACT+ General) to ensure everyone gets eyes on that we can think of.  Mary Brown Emily Mermell , Melanie Moore Melissa Smith Dennis Lomonaco Salim Bourget Chelsea Boice Daniel Escardo  anyone we know of who may be using this that we outta tell?
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