Creating Content Around Supply Chain Issues

Posted May 27, 2021 in
Carina Duffy Jessica Palmeri  ☒,  Jennifer Barrell and I were all discussing this issue that we've been seeing within the different industries we work with. So we have a question for you:  

  • Are you experiencing this issue? 
  • What content have you created to address this? (And please share an example if you have one!)
  • What has been the response from some of your prospects/customers? 

Let us know in the comments! 
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Mark Wilson
We just came out with an article detailing the issues. Our sales team will be using it in the assignment selling process. Here's the link:

We are likely following that with a video, and more focused (and likely shorter) content for our service dept. surrounding parts shortages for things like repairs.

No response yet; the article just went up about 48 hours ago. But we should know more in the coming weeks. The goal is transparency, though. We can only work with what we have, and it's affecting our competition as well. So if they hear it from us, and we're the most thorough, the hope is that it will create trust to work around the issues.
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