Creating a deal-like entity in Hubspot

Posted March 20, 2023 in
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Hi everyone - question on tracking customer projects within a closed/won Hubspot deal (against a bucket of hours)

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Connor DeLaney
Will Smith   Aleisha Jenkins   Joe Bachir  Calling in backup for Matt here!
Will Smith
Hey  Matt Sodnicar

Zero dollar amounts for deals are currently not possible in HubSpot. (upvote the idea in the community here).

It sounds like your goal is to use Sequences and Campaigns that are possibly triggered by a deal event, such as reaching a certain stage. My interpretation is that sequences and campaigns are generally associated with a specific contact or company, as you are sending marketing assets/materials to a person who works at a specific company. I may need more context here, but using a deal may not be the best approach, rather, using the association with a contact and a company to enroll in sequences and use campaigns to track progress. 

If you're looking to track the amount of points or hours to be displayed on a deal, creating a custom property would be the best way to go. This would then be trackable whenever it is adjusted or changed in the contact or company activity timeline. 

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