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I'm re-reading They Ask, You Answer, and I am challenging myself to do one new article for each section as I read. My side business is my needle felting art, not your typical TAYA audience. Here is a cost article I am working on:
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Chazz Hirschfeld
Hi Kayleigh, I thought you did a great job with this article. I loved all the images. Your prices are great. And you explained the costs very clearly. I may have to buy one of your art pieces at some point in the future. Good Luck with your self-challenge!
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Connor DeLaney
Hey  Kayleigh Mihalko ! Love the article and the level of detail it covers with your specific business. I, like Chazz Hirschfeld may need to look into one myself!

A couple of things I'll challenge you to try next time:

1. Remove periods from your headers. From an SEO perspective, having these in the header makes it more difficult for Google or Bing to search from. Instead, perhaps label each factor in price with a number to make it more of a list feel (check out below).

2. Dive into the cost and price first, then breakdown that number, then showcase the examples as final products and what they can expect. As a customer, I'd like to get those numbers upfront so I can say "$45-$55 isn't so bad. Why that price?" then, once I've built trust that you are going to be honest with me, see why they may cost more than buying something in the store with your examples.

How much does a felted pet painting cost?
Total cost...

What makes up that cost?
1. Printing 
2. Materials
3. Shipping

What does a final product look like?
Final products

I hope this was helpful!  Jolie Higazi   Jennifer Barrell , anything else you'd recommend from a Cost Article perspective?
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