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Lex Russell

Why do content marketers constantly feel cold? They’re surrounded by drafts.

Ever since the core web vitals Google ranking update was announced, I have been trying to get our website up to speed (pun intended). In the beginning, I did a lot of research, tried to find out if I could fix things myself, and then ultimately found that the outside website team we use would have to perform updates.

This website team has been working since March to try different fixes for our website to improve our LCP and CLS scores. They updated our Wordpress, they tested the sticky nav as a contributing factor, and we purchased a plug-in to optimize all 10,000 of our photos. Next, they tried the Cloudways Breeze caching plugin but it disabled all of our homepage videos so it had to be turned off.

After the updates, we still are not seeing many "Good URLs" and it almost felt like a waste of time. And, I'm not sure that we will be able to get any more website hours approved for work on this. Does anyone have suggestions on how to go about fixing this? I assumed our website team would know the best solutions. Or is this just as good as it will get? 

This is where we were at pre-updates:

  • Poor URLs: 385
  • URLs Need Improvement: 0
  • Good URLs: 0
  • Poor URLs: 209
  • URLs Need Improvement: 276
  • Good URLs: 8
This is after:

  • Poor URLs: 373
  • URLs Need Improvement: 0
  • Good URLs: 15
Desktop (this was really the only place we saw a little improvement)
  • Poor URLs: 0
  • URLs Need Improvement: 474
  • Good URLs: 8
Any advice is appreciated!
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Dale Pease
I've been working on the speed of our site for quite a while as well. Both my developer, and the server admin have done quite a bit to speed things up, but we still get similar results as you do. (Better than before, but not there yet.) I am starting to think it might require more of a specialist who really knows the nitty-gritty of meeting Google's standards. My developer is great, but this isn't one of his strengths. I did spend some time a few weeks ago running Google's Speedtest against a bunch of website's home pages, and honestly, I couldn't find any that were better than what we are getting. So I think just about everyone isn't meeting Google's standards (Even Google's own corporate site.)
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