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Jimmy Beasley

Adversity cause some men to break, others to break records

Dear Community,

I had a coffee mug and pen made as part of my contest/referral giveaway as a way, that whoever my first customer would be,  for in need of my services and actually pay me would win that prize.

But the problem; i can't add use the plugin raffle press because I need to be a paid member. 

So it is going to have to be straight content.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on this?
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Tom DiScipio
Hey  Jimmy Beasley !

Love the thought process here.

I'm going to throw a curveball and suggest a different direction... I'd argue that the most important thing for your brand would be for as many people as possible (customer or not) to be drinking coffee out of your branded mugs and writing stuff down with your branded pens.

With that in mind, I'd also suggest reinvesting any efforts or dollars you might spend putting together a giveaway or setting up a Wordpress plugin into printing more mugs and pens, and handing them out to friends, family, colleagues, etc. 

There's something to be said about having your name stay top-of-mind for as many people as possible. That way when someone tells them about a computer or IT challenge they're having, it's easy for them to suggest you.
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Jimmy Beasley
Tom, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt since you don't know the whole situation and I am going cut you some slack. Thi is a great idea , but I just don't have the money. Unless I am mis reading what you are saying, can you please clarify. 

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