Content: Video, blog, or both?

Posted March 26, 2021 in
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John Becker

Revenue and Features Editor at IMPACT

Hey there content managers!

When you come up with a content idea, how do you decide if it should turn into an article, a video, or both?

We've got a process that feels subjective. I'm wondering what other organizations do.
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Annee Sian
Hey John,

We've only just started out with a revenue team methodology however, it felt a little unnatural to me to ask the sales team what format a suggested content piece should take.

For me, this has almost always been a marketing decision. And these decisions usually factor in things like competitor research, time available, cost and also my experience. Also, in the teams I've worked in, it's always been by sales folk as part of marketing's remit.

So, while it never harms to encourage opinions on these things, I do think the task of format decision rests more on the marketing contingent, especially if cost is a big factor. 

Hope that helps!

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