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Posted July 4, 2022 in
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Danielle Navas-Brandt

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Hello all, at my TAYA client we have a content creation process in place. The SME's (sales and engineering) get interviewed and the articles are created; there are several moments where the SME's can give feedback. The article then goes into the ready for publication folder after everyone has approved the final version. 

We are now running into the situation that the SME will give feedback and ultimately approve the article. But then when it's published they come with changes to it again. Any tips, or ideas on how to handle this? 

It frustrates the process yet we want the SME's to stay on board and at the same time not demotivate the writers. 

Hoping to hear how you've (or would) handled this. Thanks in advance! 

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Eric Rai
Hello Connor, 

currently the way we write articles is by first doing the SME, then research followed by another review (for structure and content). 

The second interview helps to validate the research and make any changes needed. 

This usually helps to minimise making any further changes after publishing the article, but it is a much longer process and is not a guaranteed solution. Other ideas would be welcome.
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Connor DeLaney
Awesome, thanks  Eric Rai !

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