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Posted June 10, 2021 in
Content Content
I'm looking for a talented Content Manager to join my team!
It's the perfect opportunity for someone who loves writing, editing, optimizing, and watching your content efforts drive sales.
Check it out if you or someone you know may be interested 👇 

P.S. this job description will look VERY familiar to those who've watched the "How to hire a content manager" training ... thanks Liz Moorehead!
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Connor DeLaney
Brian Casey   Jolie Higazi   Jennifer Barrell  ☒  Kevin Phillips ☒ ☒ Nathan Dube Kate Vinnedge know anyone who'd be a good fit in your network (or someone who knows someone)? 
Dale Pease
As someone who will hopefully be hiring a Content Manager within the next year, I would love to hear about your journey in finding your perfect fit.
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Courtney Casey
I'll keep you posted! Thus far, it's been slim pickins 😔
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Jolie Higazi
Courtney Casey I'd also suggest posting this in the IMPACT Elite FB Jobs thread if you haven't already, there's always lots of eyeballs on that.

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