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Posted November 29, 2022 in
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Mandy York

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We talk a lot about how to communicate what exactly is going on in our video departments, not only to promote transparency company-wide but also to help quantify the value that video brings. Below are some best practices for providing and communicating value with your team.
  1. Weekly newsletters- I cannot stress enough how powerful it can be to send out a simple schedule and priority list for what you’re doing with video. This helps put a quantifier on your work and also notify inter-departmentally that lots of people are working with you- so they should too. 
  2. Use video to communicate- using a tool like Vidyard for quick, one-off thoughts isn’t only more engaging, but it’s more efficient and helps create a culture of video for even the most mundane tasks. 
  3. Hold a workshop- Work with leadership to plan up a professional development day centered around being on camera- check out this Impact+ course for some ideas to help your coworkers feel more comfortable serving as an SME. 
If you’ve got an idea that has worked well at your company- drop it below! 

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Becca Manganello
One of the coolest things I've seen is, one of our clients sends out a weekly video updating their entire company on the new content that was made, and how the sales team can use that content in the sales process. This helps create alignment and culture of video. 🎉🎉🎉
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Terrence Robinson Brown
Becca Manganello  Hey Becca, this is something I plan on implementing for our team.  This post re-lit the fire in me to get it done.
Terrence Robinson Brown
The weekly newsletter is on my list of priorities to get done.  Thanks for sharing this post Mandy.  The workshops are key as well.  This will avoid a lot of the "Day Of" nervousness that comes with every video shoot.
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