Close Deals Faster Using Content.

Posted January 12, 2023 in

Jake Jordan

I help leaders draw straight lines to success. #TAYACoach

Did you know that using content as part of your sales process typically improves close rates between 6-20%?
(see ref in comments)

That means if you talk to 100 qualified leads that you could get 12 more closes on average!! 👀

Ummm, yes please.

Anything that gives me that kind of lift is going on my "have to figure this out" list.

So here is the layout of how to get started:

1. List the top 5 questions people have when they get on the phone with you.

2. Create a piece of content that answers those questions bravely. (All the juicy details you share on calls should be included!)

3. Send it to your prospect before you meet.

What am I leaving out?
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Winnie Anderson
Great insight! 

Maybe add a case study that's relevant to them? Something that shows a similar business and how they were helped by you/your solution?
Love  •  
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Keven Ellison
Yes, That’s a common result of assignment selling. 

The only thing I would add would be an 80% video. 

But I would test many types of subject lines, email content, and links to your content to improve opens and conversions. 
David Castle
Hi Jake, I like your post here. Thinking about it I might add a link to a playlist in YT where I cover similar topics that might be of use to the contact, like an intro of you and your company and how you solved an issue for someone in a related field to that person you'll be talking to. 

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