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Larry Kagan

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I’m looking to create some first-time branding assets for my video launch. My target audience is business owners. I’m Looking for a suggestion or two of exactly what package I should buy on Videohive or RocketStock to get started with assets to use with Premiere Pro. I’m looking for a logo bumper and intro, lower third graphic, segment title overlays and full sentence takeaway statements. 
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Connor DeLaney
Hey Larry Kagan - While these aren't within the tools you originally said, here are the templates that our team uses (as recommended by Alex Winter )! Highly recommend -

When you get to the landing page, be sure to click video templates before searching then filter with Premiere Pro so you get the ones you need. Also, if you purchase a pack (or package) there is a nice selection of templates you can have all at once! 
Larry Kagan
I found this pack on elements. Would this be a good choice for my corporate niche? Anything else Connor you may suggest?
Larry Kagan
That's a BIG help Connor! I created a channel on YouTube called GOT EMPLOYEES? and want to create content to answer the questions business owners and HR professionals ask. Given this "corporate" niche, which exact package(s) would you suggest?  
Vin Gaeta
Hey Larry Kagan

Like Connor mentioned, we've had a lot of success using Envato Elements for Premiere Pro and After Effects. The plan is pretty dang affordable if you plan on using a few different packages over time. 

Most of them come with easy to use settings so it's quick to drop them in and start creating. 

Did you have a specific reason for wanting to use VideoHive or RocketStock? I'm sure their templates are similar - I just haven't used them personally. 
Larry Kagan
Hey Vin!
Thanks for your reply. I am a lifelong photographer and have a subscription to the Adobe full suite. I have used Lightroom, Photoshop and dabbled in Premiere Pro. Just looking for some direction of what tools to use for launching my video production plans for my business. I know After Effects is in the suite, should I just start with that to create my branding assets? Should I create my thumbnail in Photoshop with layers, so this way I can change easy for every video or should I be doing this in After Effects? 

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