Book Recommendations List + Book Club?

Posted July 31, 2020 in

Connor DeLaney

"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original."

I'd love to know what books everyone is reading, even if they aren't super business-y!
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Chris Carolan
Just finished listening to The Servant by James C. Hunter for the first time. Glad I finally got to it after being on the list for a while.

Started up Roadmap To Revenue by Kristin Zhivago for the second time. Might play a role early on in a possible new gig.

That may get interrupted by Own Your Greatness by Dr. Richard Orbe-Austin and Dr. Lisa Orbe-Austin. Stumbled across this title yesterday and have struggled mightily with imposter syndrome from time-to-time. Not a lot of reviews but she sounded good on the Hello Monday podcast lol. Hoping it delivers.
Connor DeLaney
I've stumbled across Own Your Greatness before but have had the same wonders since it's never really been spoken about that much.  Chris Carolan  please lemme know what you think! 

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