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Posted June 1, 2020 in
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Is there such thing as too many links in a blog? I know we need to include external and internal links within a blog - but what is the right amount of links? I just read one online that had 16 links within the text.
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Morgan VanDerLeest
Great question, Nicole!  Ramona Sukhraj or  Liz Murphy may have a good answer for you.

I know for me, it depends more on the length of the article. If I need to reference something, I'll link to it. But I try to have a good amount of my own thoughts around links so it's not just a stream of links.
Ramona Sukhraj
Hey Nicole Solis ! I definitely agree with Morgan there; it depends on the length of the article. In general, I try to aim for at least 3 internal and 3 external links in a piece that's roughly 1000 words, but it also so should be natural. If there are too many links it can distract or even take people out of your experience/article. 

John Becker
Nicole Solis : I totally agree. If you, as the reader, are distracted by the links, there are too many. The experience of the reader can't be overly-compromised for SEO. 
Connor DeLaney
To add to what  John Becker and  Ramona Sukhraj - The links should all be supportive and truly relevant to the article topic. If you are linking purely to have a bunch of resources without the intention of the extra links actually giving added value, it is a clear pull at SEO and takes away from the actual purpose of the article. 

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