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Lex Russell

Why do content marketers constantly feel cold? They’re surrounded by drafts.

I'm curious about everyone's thoughts on this Reddit thread: Tell me why I'm wrong: Organic social media is a waste of time (B2B)

Our team (we are in the commercial real estate industry) has been doing a lot of restrategizing for 2022 and we keep getting hung up on our organic social media strategy.

I've spent a lot of time analyzing our audiences, engagement, etc. on each platform and have (kind of) come to the conclusion that our social media is planning is a bit of a money pit. We spend time creating and scheduling content, but none of our social campaigns have lead to any meaningful revenue or contacts that I can track.

We are planning on trying to launch a social selling strategy with a handful of our employees and seeing where that goes, rather than focusing on or company accounts

But where does that leave our company accounts? We have switched gears and instead of posting every blog we every publish with a boring caption + link + boring photo, we are posting company milestones, news, etc. We are focusing on LinkedIn and plan to post less on all other platforms (or possibly not at all). 

We like our Instagram and the content we post there showing that "No one knows Austin better" (our motto). But it is not moving the needle on revenue at all and our followers are mostly employees, small businesses, friends, etc. despite our engaging with other companies. My thought is to switch this to a channel to highlight our employees and what we do. It feels near impossible to reach the decision-makers we need to reach on Instagram right now organically (likewise on Facebook and Twitter).

All that to ask, what are your thoughts/experience with B2B organic social media and its effectiveness?
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Shannon Janeczek
1) It depends on how you are tracking all of it. We try to set up separate landing (website) pages for campaigns - this seems to be the easiest method of tracking. Google Analytics and Google Ads help a lot - they are very user friendly and if you have a web team/programmer, they can insert the proper remarketing trackers/pixels on the page(s). 2) Send out the landing page links/read the links out loud in EVERY attempt at finding or locating customers - radio, TV, email/newsletters, blogs, social channels, videos/YouTube, podcasts, on gift cards or other swag you hand out, verbal sales pitches or sales emails. And if relevant, put the links into your recruitment postings! Definitely have the link on business cards or other business-related correspondence, even invoices. Utilize any freebie advertising options you might have, too, like networking at local Chamber events or posts in the newsletters for the Chamber or other relevant industry organizations.  3) Especially important is when you ask an incoming lead how they heard about you - and keep track of those answers. 4) ONLY post items to social that are completely unique. Example: We have had a lot of traction when we post about new employees. A very short bio and good picture work well. 5) Support community organizations that are important to your customers. I'm guessing your customers would appreciate your support Habitat for Humanity or even a local food pantry - those would have a lot of traction right now with afforable housing scarcity and food "deserts." Good luck!
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Mark Young
there's literally no organic each on FB and IG. LinkedIn you still get good reach but you kinda need to know a thing or 2 about how the algorithm, works. With Linkedin its really all about the personal profiles and who is in the networks. If you have a lot of your target market inside your network and you are posting content that's interesting and relevant to them then you'll get engagement but it does mean showing up frequently (like 3-5 times per week). Then there's actually growing your network with new contacts. The algorithm is actually going to present your content to the new connections in the first 2 weeks to see how strong the relationship is. There's a lot more to it... this is what I do for clients (social selling, content creation, LinkedIn coaching) - happy to have a chat if you like...
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