Awesome Course to Jumpstart Your Audio Editing

Posted October 21, 2021 in
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Megan Lang

Changing the world with video

I took this course not to long ago and figured I'd spread the word! Audio is definitely my weakest skill, and this guy had some awesome tricks like automatically ducking the music to your speaker. He probably saved me like 10-20mins per video.
Let me know if you guys check it out! 
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John Peter Chua
Thank you for the recommendation,  Megan Lang  ! If you have any more audio-related courses/references in mind, please share! Audio is also my weakest skill so any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you 😁
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Kaitlyn Pintarich
Sami Ahmad  - not sure if this would be helpful
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Sami Ahmad
Thanks for tagging Kaitlyn, I've actually been consulting this YouTube channel: helped me better understand EQ, Compressors, etc.
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Megan Lang
That's awesome I'll definitely have to check that out! thanks for sharing :)
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