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Lately I've been working on revamping some previously produced 80% videos and making them more personable to be sent by individual sales reps from my team.  My biggest hurdle at the moment is the teaser and call to actions at the end. 
I'm curious if anyone else in this group has some examples or guidance when it comes to making them feel genuine and personable.  I look forward to seeing what everyone has come up with.
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Sami Ahmad
Hi Andrew Brantley . I'm in the same boat you're in as I'm gearing up to shoot my first 80% video tomorrow and the day after.

Here's a video of my thoughts based off of where I'm at, hope it's helpful!

Thanks for the tag Lindsey Schmidt !

Personalizing 80% Videos
Check out this video:
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Andrew Brantley
Thanks for the feedback Sami. I'm going to film one of our sales reps tomorrow morning. Hope to have the two videos finished by the end of the video. I'll share with everyone when they're done.
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Connor DeLaney
A video about video?! Videoception 🤯
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