Anyone else make their own templates?

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Megan Lang

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I've found making templates for folders in Finder, and Premiere/AE templates have saved me a lot of set up time. 

I have a template folder that has all the parts of post production I need, along with a premiere file already loaded with commonly used assets.

Do you guys have any other tricks for templates/repetitive tasks for post-production?
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Sami Ahmad
I usually have a LUT ready to go and sound presets for any spoken audio. I made it a while ago and just tweak the EQ and gain for each speaker. The LUT I just downloaded from Panasonic’s website. I’m still building my SFX library out though. 

I also make proxies beforehand. It usually takes up all my computer’s processing power. While that happens I usually write scripts, make a rough animation, etc. 

This is more of an editing style, but I always make a stringout sequence and then make highlighted selections from that. Then I take those into a select sequence, delete everything that isn't a select, parse that down more. I use the J and L keys to fast forward and rewind in Premiere. Then I add music, motion graphics. It saves more time that way instead of building a video from scratch. 
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Megan Lang
Yessss totally! I do the same! I will definitely check out those LUTs tho! Idk if you guys are using built in captions, but Premiere has a really good captions addon for like $20/mo that you can also set a style for. We use it for our social posts mostly. I've been collecting useful sounds from envato marketplace for a while, can recommend! 
Sami Ahmad
Whichever camera system you all use(I'm assuming Sony since Alex filmed with those at our office) will have LUTS for Slog2/3. Good luck with those skin tones though ;) . Do you mean their transcription service? I think it's free for us. It'll automatically transcribe and caption and is generally accurate. 
Megan Lang
Haha yes we do... thinking about switching back to Canon or something though cuz even with both Sonys on the factory settings they still dont match :l And maybe that is it? I thought I remembered signing up for something you had to pay for, but regardless, the captions are awesome, I can't believe they even do the grammar of it! 

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