Any thoughts on When/how to grow your marketing team?

Posted October 20, 2022 in
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Hi  all. I´m new  to the community so bear with me please. :) 

After  reading TAYA, and other resources, I realize that being a one man marketing team is not going to be very sustainable. I was hired 3 years ago, in a 20 year old company, with a steady growth, but a renewed strategy, and as company relatively new to inbound methodology.  

We are about 45 employees, 2 new biz sales reps, (including sales manager), and 3 account managers), and 1 marketing manager (me), doing everything from creating videos, writing blog articles, planning and producing webinars, administrating Hubspot, optimizing web, creating and doing digital campaigns to planning and executing events, and much more. 

So what´s your best advise on how to build a case to the management, for growing my team, instead of outsourcing the tasks I cannot reach over, and what do I start with? I know that Marcus Sheridan suggest a videographer and a content manager. Should this be in addition to a marketing manager (me)?  

I also noticed that  Sheridan talks about how the buying process is radically shifted  (80%   of information and research happens before reaching out to the company / sales rep)  and thus the ratio between marketing and sales headcount is / should be shifting accordingly - what is your headcount ratio marketing vs. sales (vs. total  company size for that matter).

Thanks for reading my first, IMPACT newbie post, and have a blessed day everyone. 

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Will Schultz
Hey Oddvar Sæth ! Welcome to the community.

Here's a quick breakdown of a 2-week plan to show your leadership the value in doing this well:

Chris Duprey and I are both coaches at IMPACT that coach and train teams like yours to do this work as effectively and permanently as possible. I'd be happy to give you 30 minutes when it makes sense to help you fight the good fight! Shoot me a direct message here and we can chat. 👍🏼
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