Any other coaches struggling to get clients, consistently?

Posted September 27, 2022 in
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I'm due to graduate in October, and as a long-time employee I'm come to realise that there's a BIG gap between employee + self-employed TAYA coach. 

I love all the content and new skills I've picked up and put into practice from the TAYA Coaching Certification program. It's been challenge but a super-rewarding experience. 

But now, I really want paying clients. 

I would love to hear from both sides of the fence - if you're crushing it and are maxxed OR you are struggling (that's what community is for, right?)

Looking forward to connecting :)


Eug in Melbourne, Australia
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Chris Marr
Hey Eug, 

Long time :)

Could you give me a brief overview of what you have already tried or are already doing to attract and get TAYA clients? 

Eug Soh
Heya Chris,

Yes, been ages man. Cary Weston suggested we chat, if you have time?

Anyway, back to your question. It's a great question. I've been mulling over it. At the time of asking, I hadn't done much. Just spoken about potential opportunities with my immediate network.

In the last week, I've signed up for a Linkedin course to help me use channel to attract clients. I've also signed up to join a BNI/Business Networking meeting. And I've been more pro-active in speaking to business owners in areas that interest me, getting to know more people in the first instance.

Building connections in the first instance, and taking baby steps. The next step will be have deeper conversations and enquire more about their situations. Most business owners that I speak with heavily rely on referral or word of mouth. They know it and realise that they probably need something more reliable. That's a good sign.

That's about it for now.

Any thoughts?


P.S. Congrats on your recent wedding!!

Mark Young
Eug Soh  if you’d like a chat or tips on LinkedIn then happy to help you here.  I teach and run a D4U service so happy to give advice for a fellow coach
Erin Fults
Hi Eug- Although your original post was over a month ago, I'm just seeing it. If you're still looking for ideas, here's what I've been doing to get coaching clients. 

A few weeks back, I facilitated an invite-only, no-charge TAYA workshop. I invited some existing clients and a few business owners in my network. 

That resulted in a sales conversation with a client about coaching. Still in progress there. 

My thought process in offering the workshop was two-fold: 
1. Get reps delivering the workshop content. 
2. Intro clients and colleagues to the framework to start conversations around what it would look like for them to implement in their business. 
Becca Manganello
Love that you posted this to gain some insight!! We've got quite a few people that can chime in here! Chris Marr I see chimed in below, we also have Devon McCarty Allison Riggs   Chris Duprey and  Jessica Palmeri that may be able to chime in as well! 🎉

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