Another state ads their own consumer data privacy act

Stephanie Baiocchi

Why have gender roles when you can have pizza rolls?

My friends at Termageddon shared an article covering the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act last week. I love that states are taking it upon themselves to protect residents' data but I'm starting to get overwhelmed by all the laws out there and can only assume more are on the way.

I'm thinking about creating some sort of spreadsheet/table that has all the laws, the required privacy elements, and putting Xs on the ones that apply for each law. That way I can easily cross-reference my content to see if I've covered all of my bases.

I know Termageddon automatically updates our privacy policy accordingly with laws like this but that only works if we also update our practices if needed.

Anyone else have great ways of keeping track of these updates or resources they love? Also, what are your thoughts on these kind of one-off protection acts?

Check out the article here: Termageddon Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act - What you need to know
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Connor DeLaney
Great share,  Stephanie Baiocchi !