Liz Moorehead

AIR YOUR GRIEVANCES: As consumers, what are your biggest pet peeves about business websites in any industry, B2B or B2C?

Take off your digital sales and marketing caps and put on your buying caps. And it could be anything. Some answers I've heard so far are:

  • "Language that is too "markety" and doesn't actually tell me what you do. And no visible pricing. I'll leave immediately if I have to request a quote instead of being able to see pricing up front!"
  • "Not being mobile friendly, or not having a clear opt out to pop up’s. Low contrast between text and graphics making the site/headers hard to read"
  • "My all time favorite: 'Request a Quote' on every freaking page of their website"
  • "I cringe when companies get super casual in their website bios, especially when the rest of the website is formal. One pet peeve of mine is the “hover” over a professional headshot on a teams page to “reveal” a quirky photo. It just rarely hits right for me..."

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Nathan Dube
Not being able to instantly talk to a real person via chat (no bots!) And if I do have to actually call their 800 number, getting automation there is again a HUGE pet peeve. I want to talk to a person not a machine! Seems like corporate America is struggling with the whole "human element" dynamic as it is hard to find a large company who will easily put you in touch with an actual human being.
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Melanie Moore
  • Can I please echo Adam with the cheesy stock photography! I understand it may be necessary but put some thought and effort behind those choices. 
  • Too much animation. Websites can get caught up in trying to look "cool" and "interesting." It can lead to way too much going on and your users missing the whole purpose of the site. 
  • Content is always a huge one for me as well. Too much "all about us" copy or copy that is too technical so that you cannot as a user even understand what the product is that a site is selling. 
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Adam Stahl
Awwwwww, here goes:

  • Sites that don't even have a mobile version of their website: adaptable, dedicated, or otherwise. I'm left just navigating the giant 2D map of your desktop site like a teacher trying to position an overhead projector slide correctly.

  • I don't have a better way of saying it but web 1.0 sites in 2021. If I'm seeing things like lo-res animated pixel GIFs, slow-scrolling text banners with flashing color changes, and like firework animations, know that I am actively cringing in my chair. Bonus points if there's a MIDI track auto-playing in the background with no way for me to control it or its volume.

  • Sites with seemingly pointless splash pages to enter them. I feel like that was an early to mid-00s trend that should've gone away by now.

  • Sites that are just way too sparse. Calling them utilitarian or minimalistic seems unfair to those respective terms. Not a single person's name or picture mentioned anywhere, no imagery (let alone their own imagery) - it's basically just a digital business card.

  • This one is on a sliding scale but use of only stock photography. Especially when you've already seen that specific stock photo on 30 other pages because it's likely the first result for that search term they punched into Shutterstock. I understand that stock photography has its purpose and not every business can create their own but I think there's still opportunity to be uncommon in a sea common images.
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David Roberge
I feel personally attacked by that last one. WHO SAID IT? WHO? lol, I kid, but we are all human, so our personalities show best in our tiny bios. I'll have to work on the site to bring that out more, lol.. My personal pet peeves include those sites that offer 24/7 support, but make you jump through hoops to get to talk to someone right away. Too many qualifying questions to get me to someone=RUDE. 
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