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Posted February 9, 2021 in
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Justine Timoteo

Director of Training Services, IMPACT

Hey all!

I'm writing an article that will provide actionable steps for new Content Managers to take within their first 90 days in order to set themselves up for success (and wow their boss!).

What advice would you give to someone stepping into the Content Manager role at a new company?

Let me know, thanks!! 

Please note: I will use answers within my article and cite your name, title and company 
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Nika Hancock
I would say for new Content Managers to be ready to constantly receive feedback on how to make your articles better. Even if you think you have just written the most fan-frickin-tastic article ever, your Content Coach is ALWAYS going to give you suggestions, pose questions, and push your content to be its very best.

But it's not a bad thing or a thing that should ever make you feel like your work sucks. I think that some people who are good writers (in their pre-Impact lives) might have gotten used to always getting full approval, a gold star, and a cookie every time they write an article. I haven't gotten any cookies yet so I don't know what's up with that . . .

I usually like to take a look at the suggestions, watch the feedback video if there is one, and then take a break from the information I have just been given. Frankly, sometimes I get a little bent out of shape when people critique my work *I blame my parents for this but that's another story LOL*.

When I take a breather, I can always see the value in the feedback I am given. It's always coming from a place of practicality and promoting a positive user experience for the reader.

The feedback is never arbitrary or "because I said so or want it that way" in nature. I really appreciate that aspect of these Impact+ Services.

I could definitely see a new person getting down on themselves if they don't keep the perspective of "this doesn't mean I am no good, it just means I can make it better for the reader."

My advice is to only handle one edit suggestion at a time, slowly and deliberately. Don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed with the plethora of comments raining down on you. Hold on to your *positive reframing* umbrella and you will be just fine.
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Jolie Higazi
This is GREAT advice,  Nika Hancock  . Thank you for sharing your experience.

P.S. Are you a chocolate chip fan? 🧐
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Nika Hancock
The more chocolate the better, baby! 8 )
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Justine Timoteo

Suuuuch a good point, thank you!
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