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Posted November 9, 2022 in
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Bryan Paulson

Connecting sales reps to customers through compelling and engaging video content

We have started incorporating graphics into all of our videos and have seen a dramatic increase in sales right after the client watches the video.  This video got this vendor to send multiple deals to him.  What graphics are you guys including in your videos that have been helpful?
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Nathan Dube
Nice work!
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Tom DiScipio
That's awesome,  Bryan Paulson !

Terrence Robinson Brown Austin Mock Megan Lang and  Alex Winter  - what have y'all seen?
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Megan Lang
this is awesome! fun but still professional! and A+ green screening, my friend!
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Austin Mock
Nice work,  Bryan Paulson  !  I really like how they add to what you are saying, keeping the viewer engaged. They aren't distracting and they support the message well!
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