#8 - How ‘people-pleasing’ is holding your agency back from being more successful...

Posted October 26, 2022 in
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Chris Marr

Global Coaching Perfomance Director

[An excerpt from issue #8 of my weekly letter, and if you're not on the list to get the full letter every Thursday, you can subscribe here]


I used to be a people-pleaser. 

This was a behavior that was hurting the success of my clients, the success of my team, and ultimately the success of the business. 

I was holding everyone back, including myself. 

I needed to change the type of relationship I had with my clients. 

They were in control. They were calling the shots. 

The truth is, even though they never explicitly said it, my clients knew that they weren't getting what they needed. 

They didn’t want a passive order taker, they wanted to be challenged. 

I know agencies struggle with this. For me, this is what it looked like: 

  • I said yes to requests I knew we couldn't do, or couldn't do well 
  • I said yes to projects that I knew would fail (or I made myself sick trying to make them work!) 
  • I let clients make mistakes and bad decisions that would hurt them in the short and long term 
  • I said yes to bad fit clients and their bad behavior 

I felt like I couldn't say no to the clients. 

We have to ask ourselves: What negative impact is this having on our people, our client results, the growth of our agency? 

It’s time to step up and challenge our clients. Make it clear that we’re willing to walk away if we don’t think true success is possible. 

Now, years later, I've turned my past weakness into a strength that helps my clients: 

  • I ask the difficult questions others struggle with 
  • I call out the mistakes they are making 
  • I'm not afraid to say no 

The result? Our clients step up and prove to us what they are capable of. They become better, more successful clients. 

I’m not saying it’s easy to do, but it’s for the best. For everyone involved. 

Questions to get you thinking: 

  1. Where do you need to be more firm with your clients? 
  2. In what ways do you let your clients detrimentally dictate the work? 
  3. What do you need to do to be better at saying no? 

As always, I'm looking forward to you sharing your thoughts in the comments 👇🏻




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