#7 - Reducing churn, eliminating custom proposals, and increasing LTV...

Posted October 19, 2022 in
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Chris Marr

Global Coaching Perfomance Director

Over two years ago we introduced a single solution that solved some of our biggest problems as a marketing agency.
  • 👇🏻 Reduced client churn
  • 🚫 Eliminated custom agreements and proposals
  • ☝🏻 Increased average lifetime value of a client
The solution? Our They Ask, You Answer ‘Mastery’ scorecard. (You can get your own copy here.)
Here’s how it works:
At the start of every new client relationship — and every 90 days thereafter — we facilitate a ‘planning session’ with our clients.
Our clients reflect on what they have achieved and plan out the priority work for the following 90 days.
Over the course of the 90 days, the client works with their coaching and training team to complete their priorities. We rinse and repeat every 90 days.
We offer sales and marketing training, not traditional agency services.
All our clients sign up for a 12-18 month program — which is split into these 90-day planning sessions. They all get the exact same agreement. We don’t do proposals. And our clients are spending around $10K per month.
In turn, the scorecard and the 90-day planning process have become a large part of what’s valuable about what we do. Our clients love to track their progress, and they always have something specific to work on.
My challenge to you this week is this. Look at your organization:
  • What services can be standardized?
  • What work should all your clients be doing with you?
  • Why do you allow clients to leave before the work is done?
  • What if you had your own scorecard and 90-day planning process?
What difference would that make for your agency?
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