#5 - What signals am I pro-actively looking out for that would tell me that my team is burning out? What am I doing about it?

Posted October 6, 2022 in
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Chris Marr

Global Coaching Perfomance Director

Hey folks :)

What I am curious about with this question is: 
  • Do we really know what to look out for?
  • Are we aware enough to spot burnout (in others, and ourselves)? 
  • Do we know what to do about it and how to help? 
  • How do my own behaviours affect others (Am I 'accidentally' encouraging burnout?) 
What's your experience? What area do you need more help in? 

Looking forward to your thoughts on this topic :)


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Nick Burrage
We did a 30 minute podcast trying to answer this - not sure we did...
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