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Posted March 13, 2023 in
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Hey HubSpotters, 

Let's work smarter, not harder and help each other get the most out of ChatSpot. 

Please include your favorite ChatSpot Prompts that help you be a better HubSpotter in this list. We started it for you using the suggested prompts currently found in ChatSpot. 

Continue the list by adding your best prompts you've discovered, tested out, and found helpful. Thanks all!

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Will Smith
Suggested ChatSpot prompts (as of 03-13-2023)

Getting Started
  • summary of my portal data.
  • how many total contacts are there.
  • add contact and follow-up in 4 days.
  • show monthly summary of web visits last year. 
  • send me that as a daily email update.

  • where do I find a report on my social media performance?
  • show monthly summary of web visits last year. 
  • What PPC keywords does buy?

  • report of companies summarized by industry.
  • report of contact summarized by country.
  • report of monthly revenue in Q4.

  • how many companies are there?
  • show recent contacts from georgia.
  • show me company properties that have domain in the name. 
  • list my recent notes.
  • assign to me.
  • how many contacts do I have assigned to me?
  • move to an opportunity.
  • create report of contacts added in Q4 summarized by stage.
  • research company

Dev/Ops Tools
  • show tickets properties that are numbers. 
  • show me custom contact properties. 

Generative A.I.
  • draft a blog post about artificial intelligence and CRM. 
  • generate image of darth vader playing guitar. 

  • my favorite book is les miserables.
  • do you know who the author is?
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Will Smith
Hey HubSpotters,

I found a few new prompts that may be useful. I especially like the prompts for Analysis & Research.

Check out this post in IMPACT+ for a few new ChatSpot features, including the *new* Prompt Library!

Content Creation & Editing
  • Draft a blog post about marketing trends. 
  • Draft an email to promote our new product [describe product]
  • Reword the conclusion of this blogpost with a cliffhanger: [paste blog contents or url]

Analysis & Research
  • Explain inbound marketing to me like I am 5 years old.
  • Analyze the performance of our most recent email campaign
  • Summarize this blog post [insert any blog url]
  • Research company [paste company domain name]
  • List domains owned by [owner email address]

Image & Idea Generation
  • What are the top reports I need to track my sales team's performance?
  • Come up with a tagline for our new product which [describe the product]

Dev/Ops Tools
  • List workflows updated in the last 90 days
  • Show me custom contact properties
  • Show ticket properties that are numbers

  • Find saas companies in California with more than 1000 employees

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