Fundamentals of Creating Sales & Marketing Videos


Will Schultz

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Get expert insights on laying the foundation for high-quality video content that drives revenue including how to crush it on-camera and other production secrets.

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Fundamentals of Creating Sales & Marketing Videos for Businesses
The Pillars of Video to Create
Create Memorable Videos
Defining Video Brand Assets and Editing Style
Building a Standard Video Creation Process
Getting the Best from On-Camera Talent


Will Schultz You make plans and the universe laughs. Enjoy the ride. 2 Courses

Before making the jump to Digital Sales & Marketing Coaching, Will was IMPACT's Lead Video Trainer. During his first two years at IMPACT, he helped more than 50 organizations achieve ROI by hiring a videographer and adopting a culture of They Ask, You Answer. He loves to teach his clients how to create the internal dynamic that's required to allow a company to truly become the most trusted voice in their space. Will is a graduate from the University of Minnesota with an emphasis in marketing and finance. Ever since he was just a wee tike, he was always messing with the family video camera. He believes that building trust with prospects comes from unbiased, exhaustive information in both written and video formats, and he loves discussing with business leaders to help them realize the same truth. When he's not coaching our clients on video calls, you can find Will outside doing some sort of adventurous sport. Or maybe he's tired, in which case he's probably reading or playing guitar, and may not want to be bothered. 🙂

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